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Target Audience

  • Adults at elementary to intermediate level
  • Council of Europe A2 to B2; IELTS 3 to 6
  • TOEIC-style activities


  • 10 x 160 page books
  • 10 x 75 minute audio CDs/cassettes
  • 10 x 30 minute videos
  • Each book offers 30 hours of learning

Authentic BBC News stories available for the first time for English language learners

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Series 1 & 2

Authentic interviews by BBC News journalists on international news items to grab the attention of an adult audience. With topics ranging from global warming to immigration issues, this series offers learners the chance to explore and understand our changing world and improve their English. Aimed at learners at beginner to intermediate level, this series delivers authentic, stimulating and varied English language practice.

Each series includes the following five titles:

Series 2 extra features:

In the second series each book is divided into three learning levels, depending on the overall length of the news story, the amount of high-level vocabulary, the type of topic, and the speed and clarity of the speakers.

A new 'Focus on Pronunciation' section in the books and on the audio highlights some of the key features of spoken English, with clear examples and exercises.

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