Kids English Zone

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Rights sold at a glance

  • Arabic Countries - Expires 2019
  • Sweden - Expires 2019

Target Audience

  • Young children at beginner level
  • Based on Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (starters) syllabus


  • 13 x 25 minute videos
  • 13 x 48 page books

Altogether over 125 hours of learning

A fun course for active children

Product shot

Fun-to-watch Kids English Zone programmes include comedy sketches, animated characters and songs. The Kids English Zone books expand on the vocabulary and structures of everyday situations presented in the programmes. The colour-coded sections and simple and clear rubrics make the books easy to use, and colourful characters bring the activities to life. The books are based on the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (starters) syllabus.

The product can easily be adapted into a partwork.

The Kids English Zone TV programmes have already been seen in more than 40 countries.

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