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Rights sold at a glance

  • India, Pakistan, Nepal - Expires 2018
  • Arabic Countries - Expires 2020
  • MORE...

Target Audience

  • Adults at intermediate level
  • Council of Europe B1 to B2; IELTS 4 to 6


  • Phrasal Verbs OK! 96 pages
  • Grammar OK! 112 pages
  • Puzzles OK! 128 pages
  • American OK! 112 pages
  • News OK! 96 pages
  • Social OK! 112 pages
  • Business OK! 96 pages
  • Tests OK! 128 pages
  • Pronunciation OK! 124 pages
  • Slipcase available

Each book offers 30 hours of learning

The perfect companions for travel, business and classroom

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The OK! series of nine pocket-sized books offers a 'quick fix' approach to different aspects of the English language. Ideal for those who want to improve their skills, but don't have the time to do a comprehensive course. These handy books are rewarding whether learners want to read them cover-to-cover, or just 'dip in'. Focusing on some of the most difficult areas of the language, they'll add polish to anyone's grasp of English. The nine titles can be published on their own or as a series.

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