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Rights sold at a glance

  • Sweden - Expires 2021
  • Arabic Countries - Expires 2021
  • Poland - Expires 2018

Target Audience

  • Young children at beginner level
  • Based on Cambridge ESOL Young Learners (starters) syllabus
  • Available as British or American English


  • 6 x 20 minute The Ozmo English Show videos - with or without captions
  • 6 x 32 page cartoon story books
  • 6 x 40 minute story book audio CDs/cassettes
  • 6 x 32 page activity books
  • 32 page phonics book
  • 15 minute phonics audio CD/cassette
  • 32 page song book
  • 75 minute song book audio CD/cassette
  • 20 minute karaoke video
  • 54 page picture and word dictionary
  • 72 minute word dictionary audio CD/cassette
  • 60 minute picture dictionary audio CD/cassette
  • 32 page All About Me book
  • 32 page Handwriting book
  • 40 page Parent's guide
  • 200 x Ozmo flash cards plus 30 minutes of audio

Altogether over 100 hours of learning

Comprehensive English language course for children

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Learning English with Ozmo is an action-packed introduction to English for children through a wide range of materials carefully developed to meet the pedagogical needs of young learners. The versatile pack allows for adaptation across formats, and has already inspired publishers around the world to build on the brand.

The videos engage children through the use of puppet presenters, animated Ozmo cartoons, and songs. The books and audios take the learning further with additional games, a glove puppet and a toy microphone to encourage language production.

The course was created in consultation with Professor Viv Edwards, Director of The National Centre for Language and Literacy at the University of Reading, UK.

The programmes were produced for BBC Worldwide by the Bafta-award winning Ealing Animation.

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