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Target Audience

  • Adults at lower intermediate to upper intermediate level
  • Council of Europe B1 to B2; IELTS 4 to 6


Level 1
  • 128 page book
  • 63 minute VHS/VCD
  • 63 minute audio CD/cassette
Level 2
  • 128 page book
  • 72 minute VHS/VCD
  • 72 minute audio CD/cassette
Level 3
  • 128 page book
  • 2 x 71 minute VHS/VCD
  • 2 x 71 minute audio CD/cassette

Each level offers 45 hours of learning

Learning English is as easy as watching TV!

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A three level tightly integrated book, audio and video series, suitable for adult learners who already have some knowledge of English. The materials are based around clips of BBC TV programmes and authentic interview material, providing excellent listening and speaking practice. The themes are taken from everyday life and include holidays, work and the modern world.

Book 1

Book 1 contains material suitable for lower intermediate students; each of the 15 units uses an interview clip and a clip from a BBC programme, focusing on overall understanding of the language.

Book 2

Book 2 is suitable for intermediate students; each unit combines a clip from a BBC programme with an interview and requires more detailed comprehension.

Book 3

Book 3 is for upper intermediate students; each unit contains two contrasting clips of BBC programmes with topic and concept-based activities. Learners are encouraged to discuss the concept behind the clips.

Material can be adapted to work as book and audio.

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